Shingle Generator Substance
Dylan craig shingleexamples2

Painted, unpainted, and worn examples with different shingle patterns.

Dylan craig shingleexamples1

Four more examples also showing stained wood and a version with moss.

Dylan craig cedarwood

Cedar wood material created for shingle texture.

Dylan craig shinglewear

Early progression of the cracks parameter. Later I would make them follow the wood grain more closely.

Dylan craig moss

Early prototype of moss placement and heightmap buildup.

Dylan craig mosstexture

The moss substance by itself.

Dylan craig mosstiles1

Detail of the moss with the material details applied.

Dylan craig shinglegraph small

An overview of the entire substance graph. The hardest part was getting all the separate elements combined together in a way that made sense.

Shingle Generator Substance

A Substance capable of generating textures for a wide variety of wood shingle patterns and variations, from simple cedar shakes to complex shingle patterns you might see on the sides of Victorian houses. There are fourteen total shingle types which can be alternated within their row, and different shapes can be chosen for alternating rows. Once the shapes are combined into a base heightmap, cracks and wear are added, the wood and paint materials are combined, different types of grunge is added and, if chosen, moss can grow up from between the cracks in the tiles.

More artwork
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