Statue Fountain Prop
Dylan craig marmosetrenders2
Dylan craig conceptcomparison

Concept art comparison

Dylan craig marmosetrenders1

Turntable with flowing water

Marmoset Viewer scene

Dylan craig propwholesmooth2

Smoothed base geometry in Maya

Dylan craig scupt render 3

Finished sculpt rendered from ZBrush

Dylan craig totem paintvalues

Final topology and Substance Painter base color layers

Dylan craig painterbuildup

Substance Painter layer buildup GIF

Statue Fountain Prop

Painted statue prop made for the monthly Polycount Environment Art Challenge for August 2018. Based on the awesome concept by Anna Zanozina HERE:

I wanted to experiment with mixing a handpainted look with PBR materials, and I wanted to learn Substance Painter, so that was a natural choice.

The statue was modeled in Maya and ZBrush, and textured entirely in Substance Painter. Textures for the grass and water were created in Substance Designer. The water is animated with Danilo Paulo's excellent material panner shader for Marmoset Toolbag 3:

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